Is the diver an environmental player? We must protect our environment!

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Is the diver an environmental player? We must protect our environment ! 

You will say that it does not resemble me to write articles serious, background. I am usually more connected to the illustration of important subjects (such as elementary subjects related to learning and safety in diving) by the anecdote, the example, more playful and therefore more attractive …

Yet all my latest readings on the net prompt me to ask myself this type of question, and try to answer it …

As I have said in two of my previous articles, I am active in local life, and environmental issues tend to interest me more and more, Make me want to involve myself more and more …

How can I be insensible when you see everything you see when you read everything you read?

The disappointing failure of crucial discussions and agreements on crucial issues, coral bleaching on the Great Barrier in Australia and in various parts of the world, overpopulation, overfishing, the disappearance of many animal or plant species, and so many other themes that lead us to inexorable evidently negative changes a minima, very serious problems « a maxima » can only question …

So yes of course that the diver has a role to play in protecting the environment and many divers do so!

Aside from the « little blues » that plow and plow the bottom because they do not yet master their buoyancy (but fortunately remain the exception!), Those who have not read the 10 commands of the respectful diver, and those who do not care by touching while it is necessary to « touch only with the eyes », the majority of us happily feels concerned by what she sees and finds under water.

« Under the water we are guests. As a guest, we must behave politely, » said Jean-Michel Cousteau, the eldest son of the Commandant. A real maxim to adopt, no?

For beyond the pleasure of practicing activity itself, it is good to see beautiful things, astonishing, unknown, sometimes strange and rare things, from the animal or vegetable kingdom, that we become divers at a time or to another. That’s what I feel and believe.

The landscapes seem to be different, if desertification of the seabed no longer allows us to see corals, gorgonians, fish of all kinds, how many will continue to practice?

A lot of people are involved full-time in these themes, I say so much better and congratulations to them!

But even if it is an image of Epinal, awareness about environment must also and above all be individual.

I invite you to read an excellent article published in the Parisian in 2015 which was already questioning this issue and gave illustrations of beautiful initiatives committed in this context and this objective (DORIS network, BioObs network, FFESSM actions … ).

Being observers (helping to spot multiple submarine species, discovering new ones), being also witnesses (sometimes troublesome and it is an excellent thing, the example of sectors where, thanks to the presence of divers the practices Of poachers decreased me particularly impressed), enumerators (observing and letting to whom by right the increase or the rarefaction of certain animals or plants), such can be our individual role while practicing our favorite leisure …

From the smallest drop of water (which consists just in respecting its environment), to the immense ocean (that of the actions of those who dedicate a lifetime to this noble cause), we must say that everything matters!

I have become aware of it, I love nature and our beautiful planet, and you friends divers, what do you think and how do you see things?

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